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Key Facts About Produce

  • Produce
    Fruits and vegetables provide nutrients vital for a healthy body.  People who eat more vegetables and fruits as par...
  • Conventional vs. Organic Produce
    Seasonally available, locally grown produce is desirable, especially if it is organic.  Locally grown, non-organic pr...
  • Safe Washing & Handling of Produce
    Harmful bacteria that may be in the soil or water where produce grows and may come in contact with fruits and veget...
  • Greens, Squash & Mushrooms
    The many varieties of leafy greens, summer and winter squash, and various mushrooms have grown in popularity due to...
  • Nightshade Vegetables - Peppers and Tomatoes
    Peppers    Peppers are one of the nightshade vegetables.  (Tomatoes, Eggplant, and Potatoes are also nightshade veg...
  • Onions, Leeks & Shallots - the Allium Family of Vegetables
    Onions, leeks, and shallots are members of the Allium genus, a lily-affiliated vegetable, and herb family, which also...
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Dairy & Eggs

  • Benefits & Issues of Dairy Products
    Milk and dairy products provide many important nutrients in a healthy diet, including calcium, Vitamin D, potassium, ...
  • Butter, Yogurt & Cheese
    Butter Butter is made from fresh or sweet cream (as opposed to sour cream) by churning and consists of butterfat, mil...
  • Eggs
    Egg Nutrition Eggs are considered a complete source of protein. The combination of amino acids in an egg is used as t...
  • Dairy Alternatives
    Most natural food stores have a wide range of dairy alternative foods from milks to ice cream.  These alternative pro...

Meat, Poultry, and Fish

  • About Natural Meats
    Experts recommend that adult men and women consume 5 - 6 ounces of high quality, digestible protein per day depending...
  • Fish & Seafood
    Seafood is an excellent source of protein that contains a range of nutrients, most notably the omega-3 fatty acids, E...

Whole Grains & Grain Products

  • The Role of Whole Grains in Diets
    Why This Matters: Grains, especially whole grains, are a mainstay in many diets due to their versatility and nutri...
  • Types of Whole Grains
    There are many different whole grains grown all over the world.  Learning about and consuming grains that grow well i...
  • About Flour
    Flour was discovered around 6000 BC and it has become the daily food for millions ever since.  Wherever enough grai...
  • Grain Products
    There are thousands of products made from grain from all over the world.  Natural products stores have a reputation f...