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Beans, Nuts & Seeds

  • All About Beans
    Nutritional Value Dry beans have been used as a staple of diet across the globe for centuries.  In the U.S., beans ar...
  • Nuts & Seeds
    The Difference between Nuts & Seeds There are differences in the botany of nuts and seeds.   Seeds are the small, pro...
  • Soy Beans & Soybean Products
    About Soybeans Edamame, young soybeans in pods Soybeans were originally grown in Southeast Asia and domesticated...

Natural Sweeteners & Thickeners

  • Sweeteners
    Sugar is a carbohydrate.  Cereal grains and tubers provide a starchy glucose (a sugar), while honey, fruits and veget...
  • Natural Thickeners
    Food thickeners are used to produce thickness and consistency in liquid food items.  Thickeners are also used in cosm...
  • Sea Vegetables
    Sea vegetables have been a staple in Asian cuisines for centuries and have also been popular in the British Isles, Ca...
  • Culinary Herbs & Spices
    Herbs and spices can be classified as either medicinal or culinary.  Examples of culinary herbs include basil, oregan...