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Introduction to Natural Foods

Organic Certification & Other Eco Labels

  • Organic Certification
      The demand for foods produced more “naturally” arose out of a response to the introduction of synthetic pesticid...
  • Other Eco Certification
    The roots of the natural product industry and organic agriculture movement are founded in an overall concern for the ...
  • Non-GMO
    As defined by the Non-GMO Project, Genetically Modified Organisms, are “plants or animals created through the gene sp...

Diet & Food Allergies

  • Key Nutrition Concepts
    Food serves a unique role in all societies of the world.  First and foremost, food provides energy in the form of cal...
  • Food Allergies & Intolerances
    What are Food Allergies? The human immune system normally fights off bad bacteria or viruses that make people sick.  ...
  • Vegetarian & Plant-Based Diets
    Over seven million Americans are considered vegetarian, consumers of only vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, and legume...
  • Weight Loss, Health Maintenance & Disease Prevention Diets
    Many people visit a natural food store clutching a prescription from their doctor or other practitioners with the req...
  • Cultural & Lifestyle Based Diets
    Halal & Kosher Diets Kosher, the common word for Kashrut, diets follow Jewish law dealing with what foods can and can...

Nutritional Supplements & Therapies

  • Vitamins - Essential Micronutrients Needed for Health
    Vitamins are organic substances found naturally in plants and animals that are essential in small quantities for life...
  • Minerals
    Minerals are inorganic elements (such as iron or zinc) that come from the earth, soil, and water and are absorbed b...
  • Medicinal Herbs & Botanicals
    Plants have had a long history of medicinal use and are still in high demand around the globe.   Plants that are used...
  • Specialty Supplements
    The natural product industry divides nutritional supplements into six major categories – vitamins, minerals, herbs & ...
  • Alternative Medicine
    Herbal remedies and nutritional supplements are among a variety of health and wellness solutions offered by natural...

HABA, HBC and Body Care

  • The Skin You're In
    Structure & Function Skin is the largest organ of the body, composed of water, lipids, proteins, minerals, and chemic...
  • Natural vs. Conventional Body Care Products
    The FDA does not regulate the manufacturing of personal care products or require testing products for safety.  Nor do...
  • The Wider World of Natural Body Care
    Natural Hair Care Typically, a person's hair type is going to drive their purchasing decisions.  The most common type...
  • Body Care Ingredients to Avoid
    Aluminum or Alcloxa – Aluminium chloride, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Aluminum-zirconium, Aluminium Zirconium Tetrachlo...