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History of the Paleo Diet

  • The Creation of the Paleo Diet
    Academic professor and researcher Loren Cordain is largely credited with the creation of the Paleo diet as it's known...
  • The Evolution of the Human Diet
    Eating meat, many scientists have argued, was a critical step in the evolution of the human brain. By eating meat, wh...

What Foods are Part of the Paleo Diet?

  • Paleo Foods
    Higher Protein Intake from animal sources: Traditional hunter-gatherer diets average up to 35% of their calories...
  • Food Quality and Sustainability Concerns
    For people transitioning to a Paleo diet from the standard American diet, using the principles outlined in Topic 1 of...

Foods Discouraged on the Paleo Diet

  • DUH! Sugar, HFCS, and Hydrogenated Oils
    I won’t belabor this point, since these are fairly obvious no-no’s on any diet, much less the Paleo diet. Eating food...
  • Grains
    Modern grains as we consume them today are devoid of significant nutrients due to their processing and also contain a...
  • Legumes
    Much like you’ll see elsewhere in this lesson, the stance on legumes has evolved over time within the Paleo community...
  • Dairy
    Dairy has become one of the most debated topics in the Paleo Diet community. Simply put, there are three culprits in ...
  • Vegetable Oils
    While moderate to high fat intake is a key tenet of the paleo diet, the source of those fats should never be from r...

Evolution of the Paleo Diet

  • Paleo as a Doctrine vs. A Template
    When the Paleo diet first exploded onto the scene in the early 2000’s, there were very clear lines drawn in the grain...
  • Personalized Nutrition
    As mentioned several times throughout this course, nutrition is incredibly personal! What works for one person and le...