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Defining Synthetic Biology

  • Defining Synthetic Biology
    Synthetic Biology is a fast evolving, wide ranging field described as “the next stage of genetic engineering,” by Tod...
  • GMOs 2.0 in Consumer Products
    Several companies are currently producing what are termed “fine chemicals” using synthetic biology. Fine chemicals ar...
  • Regulation
    A 2014 report, funded by the Department of Energy and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, concluded that “the U.S. regula...

Concerns about Synthetic Biology

  • Impact of Synbio
    Health Concerns Although there have not been substantial studies that suggest synbio products could cause immediate d...
  • Who Benefits from SynBio
    Currently a growing multi-billion dollar industry, synbio applications seem limitless. Both the private and public se...
  • Alternative to GMOs 2.0: Regenerative Agriculture
    Some of the key claims in support of synthetic biology center around the good it can do if applied to the corporate f...